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We've installed Kaltura CE on our server. It's a great product we want to use and possibly contribute to, but before we dive into customization we would like to understand how it could work with CDN, possible Amazon's Cloudfront. I tried to change Kaltura Server Settings to stream from CDN (put example URL): all images on Content disappeared + can't see videos and generated embedded code the same (pointing to my server).

How to setup CDN correctly? Is it possible to use Cloudfron CDN with Kaltura CE?

Let's say we use kaltura CE without CDN (streaming from our server). What if later on we decided to use CDN, so we switched to it in Kaltura Server Setting.

Will it affect already built players which are already online (address to data source on them would be still our server), or they will work fine?

Thank you for your help!

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Is anybody use CDN for Kaltura CE?

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Excuse us for the delay, we will post an answer very soon. Thanks!

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I am also really interested in this thread. We will probably do streaming from our own server, but would like to move to a CDN when traffic hits a certain point.



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I'm sure Ido will post a proper answer soon, but I'd GUESS that when they release the new version of Kaltura CE very soon it will have the option of selecting which CDN you want to use...

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Hi guys,

CDN support is actually there from the first release. but as stated in the readme document, at the moment KalturaCE only support pull-method CDN.

"Origin Pull" are CDNs that require you to replace the domain name (and possibly base path) with another domain name. The CDN will then automatically fetch (pull) the files from your server (the origin).
For example, for the domain a pull CDN will be configured under the domain and will actually redirect to the cdn of choice (akamai, limelight, level3...) .
When a request on is made - the cdn check if the data is stored on its servers, if it is, it will stream the file, if not, it will pull the data from the origin (, store it and stream the file to the client.

Push CDNs that require hosting of the content in advance are currently not supported.

Amazon's CoudFront, is a pull, When a particular node needs the data and doesn't have it cached, the node fetches the data from S3. However, with Amazon's couldfront, you can only stream from an S3 buckets - which means you will first need to push your content to an S3 bucket.
You can extend and write a module for CE to upload the content to an S3 bucket, create a distribution for a cloudfront ... but this not currently available on CE out of the box.

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Kalturian, thank you very much for your answer!

I'd really appreciate if you clarify idea of using amazon.
> You can extend and write a module for CE to upload the content to an S3 bucket, create a distribution for a cloudfront ... but this not currently available on CE out of the box.

Do you mean that during the file upload Kaltura CE will actually upload it to S3 instead of server, show and work with files from there OR upload in Kaltura CE works as is, but some script will copy files from my server to S3 bucket (from there to cloudfront, and that what I specify in Kaltura CDN settings finally)?

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"You can extend and write a module for CE to upload the content to an S3 bucket, create a distribution for a cloudfront ... but this not currently available on CE out of the box."

This is exactly what I want to do. Point me in the right direction and I'll write it.

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Hi flash,

I would go for the second option where everything works the same, but when file upload complete - a script uploads the file to S3 and the cdnHost is set to work on the couldfront url.

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Thank you, Kalturian. I've tried to experiment with one file, but couldn't make it work from cloudfront even spent half day on it and feel like I'm a step away. The problem is I don't know how to correspond server file structure to S3 bucket, so kaltura trying to get my files from wrong place on cloudfront. Here's what I did:
- uploaded avi file to my kalturaCE server
- created a bucket on S3 & made a distribution for CloudFront
- found unique entry id of processed file in kaltura web-interface, find all files on the server with that name (/opt/lampp/htdocs/kalturaCE/content/entry/ in data, thumbnails, etc), and copy those processed files from kaltura server to S3 keeping the folder structure started from kalturaCE/...
- changed Server settings in kaltura interface to set CDN address to my cloudfront's

Unfortunately, it didn't work (no thumbnails & video in kaltura interface, no player loading on created html page for that file), browser saying 'waiting for cloudfront...', while files on cloudfront directly accessible via browser...

I tried to replicate server pathes on S3, tried to put files directly in kalturaCE folder or root, even tried to put on /kalturaCE/p/1/sp/100/flvclipper/entry_id/s23an9bbrc/version/100000 folder that I find on the link to 100000.flv when did Investigate check for this entry.

What CDN address in server settings and data structure on S3 should be to make it work?

Let's say I have '' domain, designated bucket 'mediafiles', standard directory on kaltura server /opt/lampp/htdocs/kalturaCE/content/entry/..., and entry id 'sblablablac'.

Since I spent a lot of time on it, I would highly appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello everybody,

I want use the Akamai CDN for distribution our media content. We've a product called On Demmand Streaming in Flash. I like integrate this Akamai product to pull the content from a Kalture CE origin server.

Can you help me? Do you Know any guide for this configuration?
Thank you very much,



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as described in previous comment: almost there. Please help!

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Can anyone tell me if Highwinds is a pull-method cdn and would work with Kaltura? Anyone actually running Kaltura with Highwinds?


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Is this thread dead? I would like to know more about being able to use Amazon cloudfront as a CDN. Is there a wiki or another discussion thread that explains how to do this?

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Hi flash,

Have you tried to use a very simple path to your content inside the s3 bucket ?
Buckets can't be compared to folder hierarchy. Some features do not work well when the content is in a sub-folder of a bucket.

If you can, use only one-level bucket (you can use as many buckets as you like).

Hope this helps.

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In the Community Edition 2.0, you can configure the CDN for each publisher individually. The two screen captures below illustrate how to do this. Each publisher can use a different CDN. You configure the CDN in the admin console under the "Publishers => Publisher Management" menu. See the two screen captures below for details.


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I think it would be very useful to have a combined kaltura / wowza or FMS ami since RED5 is'nt fully working. or would it be too complicated to make a paid kaltura AMI with wowza or FMS?

I think kaltura is a great video managment tool but cant find a way to intergrate it with rtmp streaming on either CDN or self hosted wowza box.

I would like to self host the open source kaltura version with fully working rtmp :)

If anyone has been successul at this in any way i'd love to here about it!

either CDN, self hosted wowza ami? or FMS, or even a fully working RED5?

RED5 has issues when trying to jump from one part of a video to another. timestamp issues or something.

or has this been fixed yet ?



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Same here Ben. I have been following Kaltura hoping to a version which will allow streaming from a CDN. I have spent a week just trying to get KCE 3.0 with Red5. This worked for only one day. Today is not working.

I would also be interested in a paid AMI which will work.



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Anyone implemented using an S3 bucket for storage and then serve the content from Akamai?

I'm thinking the workflow should go something like this with the Wordpress AiOV plugin:

WP --upload--> Kaltura CE --transcode--> Uploads to Amazon S3 --> Akamai CDN pull

[ Embed player pointed to Akamai, not S3 or Kaltura Server ]
All media should be served off of Akamai. Players, videos, playlists, thumbnails, etc.

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I suppose the best way to do this would be to use a plugin to push the transcoded files to S3. I wonder if setting up a distribution profile could make this happen? I have it currently setup with a s3cmd script that is pushing the files over to S3, but it would be nice to do it within Kaltura. IE: something where once the video is fully transcoded it gets distributed to S3 as well as local storage. THe other interesting bit is dealing with players, skins, and playlists. I suppose I'll need to write playlists to the file system. An xml file should work.

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Side note is there any good documentation on "How to write a plugin" for Kaltura?

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Hi aelkins,

I was looking for that. Thanks for sharing.

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I am also really interested in this thread. We will probably do streaming from our own server, but would like to move to a CDN when traffic hits a certain point.