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Hello All,
I have a specific question: Can I change the default folder that videos are stored in for Kaltura CE?

Reason being is that I have Kaltura CE installed on a server where we have a video sharing application running called PHPMotion. Basically, in the PHPMotion application there are about 300 or so videos that people have uploaded. I would like Kaltura CE to be able to see and use these videos. They are already converted to FLV.

Just wondering how I might be able to do this.

Chris K

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If you plan to migrate from PHPMotion to Kaltura, you could make a script to write a CSV to import all your files in Kaltura. With the "keep original transcoding to FLV" checked, it won't reconvert your videos.

If you wish to continue to use both, it'll be more complicated, since Kaltura needs to have an entry for each video. So maybe you could write an import batch for Kaltura which will replace the flv files by symbolic links to the old ones. But I don't find it very relevant.