Events and Meetups

With online video becoming a native part of every online interaction, it is crucial that we use agreed standards, and discuss ways to keep video open and free for all.
The Kaltura Groups bring together thinkers, hackers, designers and innovators who wish to learn and collaborate on new projects related to online video, and to ease consumption of media online.

The groups host regular meetups in various cities around the world and hold online webinars where everyone is welcome to present interesting ideas for discussion about new innovative applications of online video.
In the meetups we discuss user experience, standards, features and code, as well as work together to create free and open source online video projects.

There are groups on various topics, business oriented, user and product groups as well as hackathons and developer events.
Find the one that is the closest to you, join the group and become involved.
Didn't find close to you? Open your own group, and let us know!

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