default kaltura player fullscreen not working

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Using the html5 fallforward script if i hit the fullscreen button on the player on an ipad the player does indeed go fullscreen but the video is replaced with just a black screen. All i have is audio (which is still playing). Getting out of fullscreen collapses the player but the video never comes back unless i refresh the page.

i have removed all css and other html from the page and the problem still occurs. Seems like a recent problem as i don't recall seeing this a week or two ago.

Is there any way to have kaltura just load a default "non skinned" html5 player? Seems like i've had problems that randomly pop up depending on if code is released on kaltura's end.

Is there anyone else seeing this behaviour? Have a way to kill the kaltura player?


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I would recommend setting EmbedPlayer.EnableIpadHTMLControls to false ie:

    mw.setConfig('EmbedPlayer.EnableIpadHTMLControls', false );

after the include. In the next release I will try and work around this iPad limitation by doing something similar to what we do with SAS, and pop up an new window for fullscreen.

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HI there

I have an issue. I'm using Kaltura CE5 with Red 5 media server.

When I view my embedded stream on an ipad and go to fullscreen, the full screen resizes from the top left corner of the embedded video and not from the centre of the browser or screen. How do I fix this so the video centres the resize and displays correctly.

I have also forced my video to display my icon and URL on the right of the player but tin the HTML5 version for iPad it defaults back to Kaltura icon and link, Any suggestions here too?

Thanks Niall