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Fri, 02/11/2011 - 11:47
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Hey Kaltura & Community,

is it possible to offer publishers a direct login link instead of using the formular?


Does anyone know?

Best regards

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mh that's not what I wanted to know.

I need the opportunity for my publisher to visit a direct login link like:


without a manual login form

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Hi guys,

It will not be secured to publish such links or use in unsecured channel.

There is a way to bypass the login page if you have a valid Admin KS for the user (can be generated using the login API from email & pass).
The using the Admin KS, go to the following link:[valid_ADMIN_ks]&partner_id=[pid]
[valid_ADMIN_ks] with the valid Admin KS you created.
[pid] with the partner id of the publisher.

This method is being used by the Admin Console when you try to impersonate and manage publisher accounts.
Since it used within the context of the Admin Console, it is internal and in a secured environment.
That said, and as mentioned above, it is not secured to publish this link as it includes an Admin KS.

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Thanks for your help, works fine!

We use it behind another login session so it's similar to the admin console.

FYI: has to be used for generating the keys.

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FYI: has to be used for generating the keys.

I didn't understand your intention here... You can definitely generate a KS through API (and/or Client Library in the language of choice).

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