Error Kaltura CE6 installation process

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Hi, Am getting these errors while installing Kaltura CE6 on my cloud server (Ubuntu 12)

One or more prerequisites required to install Kaltura failed:
sh: 1: getenforce: not found
Failed to connect to database user:aaronkdb. Please check the database settings you provided and verify that MySQL is up and running.

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Hey Justin,

As specified in the install docs, Ubuntu is not a recommended platform for Kaltura at the moment, as the installation scripts expect CentOS/RHEL based commands.

To insist on Ubuntu and overcome this specific issue, edit the following file: ~/ce-packager/installer/installer/Prerequisites.php
And remove/comment the following code:

exec("getenforce", $statusresponse, $exit_code);
if ($exit_code !== 0) {
        // $prerequisites .= "Could not resolve SE-Linux status, run again.".PHP_EOL;
} elseif(!empty($statusresponse[0])) {
        if(!strcmp($statusresponse[0],'Enforcing')) {
                $prerequisites .= "SE linux is Enabled, please disable.".PHP_EOL;

*Note that if you insist on Ubuntu, this will likely not be the only issue you'll face. But if you stick to Ubuntu, continue posting your problems here and we'll try to point out possible fixes.


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