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I have forced HTML5 player using mw.setConfig( 'KalturaSupport.LeadWithHTML5', true );

Does Kaltura offer a HD flavor for HTML5?

The iPad flavor, i have is resized by kaltura to 1024x576.There is a HQ Mp4 for export flavor.But no matter whatever i do,HTLM5 player is not setting that flavor.It always uses iPad flavor

The reason i want this is because kaltura always serves iPad flavor and quality is not good ,as we have the player in full width and height and it doesnt look good on large desktops

Please let me know.


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We recommend "leadWithHTML5" flag instead of forceMobileHTML5 flag, since the force flag will set html5 interface even for browsers like IE8 ( that don't support html5 )

I would recommend you check out:

which should help control which default flavor is selected as well as expose flavor selection to the users.

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Thanks a lot for your reply.

Yes i have used mw.setConfig( 'KalturaSupport.LeadWithHTML5', true );

But problem is it always selects the ipad flavor which is 1280x720.And when it fills the browser the quality is really bad.

I see a HD flavor(1920x1072) but its flv.Is there any HD flavor for HTML5.

Please let me know

Thanks Again

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you would have to manually add the additional flavors or request that kaltura support adds thous flavors for you.

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