Free Kaltura Sitemap Video Distribution

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Interested in Uploading your kaltura videos Data Feed (API/XML) to multiple destinations.

Will build a nice interface later but for now you can do an api call

Support for other networks work


Let me if you have any issues

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Very nice!

This is also possible through Kaltura from Dragonfly and above.
In both (paid service) and Kaltura CE, this feature is available through the Distribution panel in the KMC Entry drill-down view (KMC>Content>Click on an entry title).
Distribution makes sure your content is being synced with the destination (YouTube, etc.) always, in terms of metadata, thumbnails, encoding, and also deletes it if it was deleted from your account, in case you'd like to un-publish content.

If you'd like to learn more and create your own distribution plugins, read this guide:
Creating a Custom Distribution Destination – Developer Guide to Creating Distribution Destination Plugin