Frenzy Challenge 2 - Create a Kaltura-based video extension for known CMS, LMS or an ECM | Open Source Video

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Frenzy Challenge II: Create a Kaltura-based media and video management extension for a CMS, LMS or an ECM… and get a cash prize!

Submissions are closed - many thanks to the developers who participated!

The challenge judges

Projects approved to the Challenge

Name Developer Description Target CMS
Kaltura Social Edition for Google Wave (Kaltura SE) Andrew Davis Extension for the Kaltura Platform for Google Wave. Each video project that is displayed in a wave would have three separate waves in addition to the normal html Kaltrura web interface... Google Wave
Kaltura Elgg plugin Ivan Vergés The Kaltura Elgg Plugin is an addon to power the Elgg social engine with interactive video and rich-media capabilities. Elgg - Social Networking and Publishing Platform
Kaltura powered TikiWiki Nagendra Koilada Enable videos to be edited within a TikiWiki page, similar to text, by multiple collaborators. Editors can add voiceovers, insert clips, cut-and-paste and rearrange clips, add subtitles/other effects. The Kaltura extension for TikiWiki will provided out of the box with the TikiWiki distribution. TikiWiki - Wiki-CMS-Groupware Solution
Alfresco - Kaltura Integration Jeff Potts (Optaros) an Alfresco extension that powers Alfresco with rich-media capabilities based on the Kaltura Platform. Alfresco CMS
BuddyPress-Kaltura Media Component Kapil Gonge (rtCamp*) BuddyPress-Kaltura media component. It adds missing media rich features like photos, videos and audios uploading to BuddyPress which are essential if you are building social network around BuddyPress. BuddyPress

The challenge

One of the benefits of the Kaltura Open Source Video Platform is that it can be easily integrated, adapted and extended to fit into any web platform.

Kaltura and the community have already developed a slew of pre-integrated video solutions, for example, a WordPress plugin, Drupal module, MindTouch extension, and many more are on the way.

This challenge allows you to expand on this even further, by developing media and video management extensions for additional leading web platforms - for example:

Here are the rules

Only one extension can be submitted for each platform. Please review the submissions below before applying.

  • To enter the competition, submit your project proposal. If accepted we'll assign a project page on for you
  • Once you submit the first version of your extension, you will be entitled to $1000 - seeding money
  • Submit a stable version and wait to be Kaltura Certified
  • Kaltura Certified extensions will receive up to $3000 grants
  • And there’s more... the first project to get 1,000 live sites* to use the extension will win an additional $1,500 bonus!


  • July 22nd - Challenge begins
  • October 20th - Final date for submission - Competition closes, Voting continues
  • November 11th - Winners will be announced at a cool Kaltura developers meetup in New York!

Guidelines for creating a popular certified extension

  • Make sure to select a popular platform for your extension
  • Upload your code to the repository under your project folder (details on the project page)
  • Take a look at some of the existing Kaltura Applications to get an idea of certified projects – the KDP project, WordPress and Drupal extensions are a good examples
  • Create a short and easy installation wizard. Consider short and understandable user flows
  • Make sure your extension can be configured based on the target platform standards. e.g. if you are developing a module for the Plone system, make sure not to break the Plone core
  • Create a full integration and usage guide, and consider various ways the application can be extended by others
  • When creating extensions, provide a wide range of features and cover the common use cases of media management, manipulation and video streaming for the target platform community requirements
  • Discuss it with the community, search for ideas out-of-the-box, answer a real need
  • Share your work everywhere, get lots of people to download and try it - and win the extra $1,500!