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Need a couple testers to test an iphone app to record and upload to kaltura network.


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Very nice app. But authentication is not working for me actually.

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Are you using Kaltura sasss paid or free trial? Or are you using the community edition.

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I signed up with my 3GS but I don't see how to download and install the ipa. Is this app made to work with the community edition?

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Once you signed up you have to register your device then i will create a build that then you can download and install.

Yes there is a setting to change the API Url.

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ok i registered! send me a build!

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redmantech - Very cool app!

Few notes:

  • You don't have to ask for the partner id if you have the email and password. the login api using email and password will give you the right Admin KS. and if you require the partner id, you can get it from the partner->getInfo() api (see sample code in php below).
  • When uploading a new entry, I would get all categories and create an auto-complete so that users will not enter semantically similar categories because they're not aware of the category existence.
  • I would create a slightly bigger box for entering the Description in the upload fields.
  • In the upload screen, I would read the partner custom metadata, and present the fields for the user to fill the metadata as well.
  • Not sure what is the HD setting means... if I choose not HD, will you convert my video to lesser quality before uploading?
  • I would make the "uploading..." progress bar background opaque, it will look better.
  • I would add a cancel button to the uploading screen, in case you changed your mind or it takes too long...
  • I would also add upload for pictures and sounds, not only videos.

Also, not sure if it makes sense, or even if easily possible, but might want to try and check rotation and decide the best layout for the video..
Here's a sample video I've recorded:

You should feature the app on the Kaltura Exchange - http://exchange.kaltura.com

Getting the partner id from email and password:

//enter your Kaltura Publisher email address:

$email = 'myemail@mydomain.com';

//enter your Kaltura Publisher account password:

$password = 'somepassword!';

//this will generate the Administrator Kaltura Session

$AdminKs = $client->adminUser->login($email, $password);


//this will retrieve the Kaltura Publisher Information

$getInfoResult = $client->partner->getInfo();

//save the partner id

$partnerId = $getInfoResult->id;

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do you mind if i ask how you programmed this app? did you use pure objective c?

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Thanks guys for the feedback, I will try to get some of your features in the next release.

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The iphone client is now available on itunes!

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Test Flight is a good iphone application to create better apps. I am using it in my android device. It also has desktop version.

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I signed up with my 3GS but I don't see how to download and install the ipa. Is this app made to work with the community edition?

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