Kaltura CE v.4 and Wowza/Red5 integration guide..

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Thu, 08/18/2011 - 18:55
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Hello, to all!

I have live streaming and recording from Wowza with Kaltura CE3.
Now I updated to Kaltura CE4 and drilling down to use my existing CDN as before with CE3.

I followed the official setup guide for CE3 and Red5 integratin for live streaming with some modifications on my CE4. But after this, couple of problems appears.

Any ideas are wellcome (and ofcause thank you guys! because of you I've finally done my K-installation). I am sure support team should bring some light on RTMP CDN integration with CE4, as the many scripts for CE4 are differ from previous version.

1) IN



"rtmp_url" => "rtmp://mycdn.net/livestream"

3) IN

$baseUrl = "rtmp://cp{$streamUsername}.live.edgefcs.net/live";

SO I'VE ADDED, IN THE PLACE IT GOES IN CE3, RIGHT BEFORE $flavors = $this->entry->getStreamBitrates();

$baseUrl = "rtmp://mycdn.net/livestream";

REPLACED THE [starting at about line 425]

foreach($flavorAssets as $flavorAsset)
        $url = $urlManager->getFlavorAssetUrl($flavorAsset);


foreach($flavorAssets as $flavorAsset)
    $key = $flavorAsset->getSyncKey(flavorAsset::FILE_SYNC_FLAVOR_ASSET_SUB_TYPE_ASSET);
    $fileSync = kFileSyncUtils::getReadyExternalfileSyncforKey($key, $this->storageId);
     $urlManager = kUrlManager::getUrlManagerByStorageProfile($fileSync->getDc());                                          
     $url = $urlManager->getFileSyncUrl($fileSync);


1. I have the Remote FTP-storage at my Wowza CDN. The export from Kaltura to Wowza is OK. The Adaptive RTMP is OK. But there no default video preview/info in KMC(Media not found).

2. I have the Adaptive RTMP working (In KMC Preview/Embed pane), but there no rtmp url in Embeded code (see the atached img).

3. When creating the live channel there no data for stream name and rtmp encoder. The live is NOT OK (Primiry Url: rtmp://EntryPoint Stream Name: )

Thank you!

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you're awesome! if I didn't remove CE4 I'd investigate this. but guess it's the unlucky #4 waiting for CE5 to get released now >.<
CE3 was so easy compared to the hiccups in CE4. guess ripping out KAE and KSE screwed things up :(

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Thank you. BTW I spent about week to setup the CE4. There a big lack of normal guide and troubleshooting recomendations. I think the support of Kaltura is the main weakness of this flexible solution.

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cyrilamai-I have spent multiple weeks on this without getting anywhere. That code on "about line 425" is nowhere near line 425, its about line 540, am I right? Or am I looking for something else?

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yes the code is on line 540....meanwhile..I can also do RTMP streaming but there is no rtmp url in embedded code. Also, if I create new live streaming its status changes from "provisioning to error" . So what should I do?

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Check this video post series:
Webcam integration to Red5: http://blog.kaltura.org/rtmp-vod-and-live-streaming-using-red5-and-kaltu...
RTMP and Live Stream integration to Red5: http://blog.kaltura.org/webcam-recording-on-kaltura-ce4-using-red5

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Read through the guide but I am a little confused.

1. Does your guide assume that both the Wowza and Kaltura servers have to be on the same physical machine?
- I have separate physical servers for Wowza and Kaltura so no idea how to properly symlink them.

2. My Wowza server currently has a number of clients on there all having their own content folders.
- I am brand new to kaltura, just now finishing install (fingers crossed). Is Kaltura capable of having multiple customers folders?

the idea being that I also use WordPress, where each customer has their own site. Each site would use the kaltura all-in-one plugin for WordPress. Then each customer would input the info to their kaltura server, which somehow maps to a folder on Wowza?

*I store all the videos on the Wowza server as it has my raid setup and massive storage compared to my WordPress server.

**I sure hope that kaltura only needs to be installed one time on my server, yet can have different instances for different customers, each with their own 'content folder' on wowza.... suppose I'll find out soon enough

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hi anoinnted, yes, my instructions assumed you have Wowza and Kaltura installed on the same machine. As for Kaltura, as far as i know there is only shared content storage, but i am not sure if this could be tweaked as I am fairly new to it as well.

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Any chance that you might be able to post a vs. for separate servers?
As resource intensive as both wowza and kaltura are, I can't imagine trying to run them on the same server. Guessing most users would have separate servers, and any help would be greatly appreciated. I was asking about this 2 years ago but gave up after getting no answers. It is really nice to finally see other people working on this now.

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removed , see comment below

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Thanks Comzis

Just wanted to drop a line saying that if I follow your instruction guide perfectly I end up with an infinite loop of /webcam/ directories.


Are you sure that the symlink directions are accurate?

For instance in the first part you say to create 2 symlinks, yet you list 3 symlinks.

If I follow the directions one step at a time and do them all, my server almost crashes until I delete the top level webcam directory and the symlinks.


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Hii All
Let us make it more simpler
If wowza and kaltura are on the same machine. Create a folder named oflaDemo in wowza's conf and application folder. Copy vod's Application.xml to conf/oflaDemo.
vi {wowza_install_dir}/conf/oflaDemo/Application.xml
You can change your storage directory path.
If you do not that is ok.
You need only two symlinks( these are the symlinks to be created if you do not change default storage directory)
ln -s /opt/kaltura/web/content /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/content
ln -s /opt/kaltura/web/content /opt/kaltura/web/content/webcam

Rest of the configuration is described on blog.kaltura.org for webcam,rtmp and live changes.
Hope this helps
Enjoy :)

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thanks neuron, I have made it more complicated than it is..it worked for me ..but thanks for helping though, oflaDemo folder is indeed needed for start

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kaltura content root directory ( /opt/kaltura/web/content)

This is the directory where all the video information which appear in the KMC Video Content tab appear. Here video details such as entry id, thumbnails, player ui info etc are stored, required by the kaltura to play back video. webcam folder stores all the recorded videos
Wowza Media Server content root directory (/usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/content)
This is the directory where all the videos recorded through RTMP stream are stored. This folder storage name is as mentioned in the wowza application (any) Application.xml file. It is recommended not to change this storage folder name, since this is the default name referenced by both the applications.

Linking content root folder of Kaltura and wowza

This is very important and crucial step in integrating kaltura with wowza/RED5. I suggest you all to read below explanation to understand and proceed to execute the steps.

To integrate Kaltura with wowza or RED5, it is required to create a common folder to store the kaltura video information and also the wowza/red5 recorded video information, so that it is accessible from both the applications. Perform below steps from the console

Step 1:

Go to kaltura content root folder.
>cd /opt/kaltura/web/content

Step 2:

Check if there is a folder by name ‘webcam’, if exists rename it to webcam_x
>mv /opt/kaltura/web/content/webcam /opt/kaltura/web/content/webcam_x

Step 3:

Now create a symbolic link “webcam” which points to /opt/kaltura/web/content, so that both path contains same data
>ln -s /opt/kaltura/web/content /opt/kaltura/web/content/webcam

Step 4:

Now go to wowza/red5 root directory and rename existing content folder to content_x.
>mv /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/content /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/content_x

Step 5:

Create symbolic link “content” which points to the path kaltura content root path “/opt/kaltura/web/content”
>ln -s /opt/kaltura/web/content /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/content

That's it.

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Hi there
For CE5 and wowza integration you can follow this guide .........

working for CE4 also. there are little changes only. Will post that soon ;)

Keep Moving

Cheers :)

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