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Hello, i'm a newbie on Kaltura platform.

I would like to understand the meaning and how to implement the Email Upload
as described here :


Email Upload
Using this feature, publishers can allow users to upload media (videos/audio/image) via email, simplifying the workflow of UGC content so that any user with a smartphone can easily upload content.

Support for multiple emails per publisher, with option to assign content ingested per email to a specific category (e.g., sports@example.com content assigned to category: Sports, fashion@example.com content assigned to category: Fashion)
Publisher can define default values for metadata (Title, Description, Category, Tags, Admin tags, Transcoding Profile id, Partner data) per upload email address
Out-of-the-box support for moderation (mandate moderation before publishing the uploaded content)

That i can simply send an email ( from a pc client or from a mobile ) with the video attached and
it will upload on the kaltura VIDEO CONTENT ?
Does anyone can explain better please ?

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That exactly as you said it.
If you implement this feature, you can receive emails ( from a pc client or from a mobile ) with the video attached.
That video will automatically be uploaded into Kaltura and you can set data on the uploaded entry the was automatically created.

You can use the moderation feature to make your uploaded entries flagged for moderation and then just go over the entries and approve the new entries.

Check this post on our blog for more help using moderation: