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Hello Support,

We had a problem viewing mp4 file, url below;

Also we tried adding mime type to our .htaccess file since we don't understand this kind of file;
"Or by adding the "AddType" configuration directive in httpd.conf -"
We are on a shared server on hostgator.

Is there anything you can suggest on how to fix this issue?

Also we just wanted our videos viewable in an iphone/ipad, do we need .ogg file in the together with the .mp4?

Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I have two suggestions

1. try a different encoding; it may be that your mp4 is not encoded in a manner that is friendly for web streaming. See http://diveintohtml5.org/video.html#handbrake
2. (edit: I see you've already tried this) make sure your server mime types are correctly set. See http://www.kaltura.org/troubleshooting :: Mime Types

if you're still having problems with video display, please let me know. I suspect it's something to do with your mp4 encoding, I've had that same problem myself.

make sure you're using the mp4 source first in your <video> tag to work around a bug on the iPad where only the first source is parsed by the browser.

you just need to use one iOS compatible source (the mp4/m4v) and one ogg file (webM in the near future) for the video to play across all desktops, androids, and iPhone/iPads. like so

      <video id="video" style="width:544px;height:304px;"
      linkback="http://www.elephantsdream.org/" >
        <source type="video/h264" src="http://ia311040.us.archive.org/3/items/ElephantsDream/ed_hd_512kb.mp4" >
        <source type="video/ogg" src="http://ia311040.us.archive.org/3/items/ElephantsDream/ed_1024.ogv" >
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Same problem after encoding using Handbrake and h264. Ogg copy of the video worked fine.

Anyway I can get more information than the "Loading..." that fills the box?

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can y'all give me direct links to the mp4 video files in question? I will analyze the files and amend the documentation to figure out what's going wrong. I have had this problem before, but neglected to do a screencast of the settings that worked, my bad. I believe it was some setting about progressive download or http streaming or prepare for buffering or header reorganization for streaming... I don't have handbrake on my system here (ffmpeg all the way) so I can't look it up.

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Please check my file in the following link and give me the suggestions