kaltura video player and Fancybox

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I tried to use the kaltura video player with Fancybox but I have found some issues:

Scenario 1: Use the Fancybox with single -Tags per Video (6 videos = 6 object-Tags)
This combination is not working properly. If you open the Fancybox with AutoPlay=true the Vidoe starts to play. When you close the Fancybox the Video is still playing in the background. When you open a second Video on the same site inside a Fancybox, the video holds but the sound plays or vice versa.

Scenario 2: Use only one kaltura player for all videos - regarding Best Practice
To prevent the issues listed above I changed the solution to use only a single player on the site. I used the API to control the player. But as soon the player is inside a Fancybox the internal init (jsCallbackReady) method of the player is not called. This means that I've no access to the player methods like sendNotification etc. To solve this behavior I moved the div-container per CSS to Top -9999 to a non-visible area. After the init-method was called, I switched the visibilty. But this workaround works only for major browsers - like IE 8 and Firefox on MS-OS. On Safari or Apple-OS the init-method (jsCallbackReady) was not called....

Scenario 3: Use the iframe option to embed the player
After closing the Fancybox the kaltura js-Script has got an error: ___flashvars_removeCallback is undefined

Also I noticed that the player is not initialized when the player is inside a non-visible div (style='display: none')

Typicall error message:
Error: Could not complete the operation due to error 8070000c.

It is possible to use the player inside a Fancybox?

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I am not sure what fancybox api your using.. but you could try the kWidget.embed call to dynamically embed the player at fancybox display time.. and then call the kWidget.destory( targetId ) to remove the player when you get the close the fancybox callabck.

More about kWidget.embed: