Kaltura4 CE - Flavorselector disabled - no html5 playback

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first: sorry for my bad english.

my problems:

i installed kaltura4 CE and red5 on a debian linux. all my videos playing via rtmp.

my videos are converted to different flavors and when i want to watch a video, i can choose a flavor. this works just the first time - then the flavorselector is "gray" and not clickable.
but when i click on "share" and close the "share-window" i can use the flavor-selector again for 1 time. whats happend? what can i do?

the second problem is the html5 playback. if i want to watch a video with the html5 videoplayer, i can click on play but nothing happend.
maybe someone had solved that problem or can tell me how i can investigate the problem.!?

thank you very much....

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you should convert the mobile flavors to be able to select html5 option in preview panel.