Kaltura.org / Kaltura.com - What’s the difference and when do I use which?

Bottom line:

If you are looking for free, community supported, online video and rich-media solutions; if you are interested in giving back to the developer community by contributing code or technical support; if you are looking to meet other open source video developers and share ideas – Kaltura.org is the place for you.
If you are looking for fully hosted video solutions; if you are looking for a commercially licensed video platform, with no obligations to contribute code; if you are looking for warranty, for custom work, SLAs and enterprise level support and maintenance – Kaltura.com is the place for you.

Here’s how it works:

At Kaltura, we believe that advanced video functionality should be available to any publisher for free. Our open source approach accelerates adoption and spurs innovation. Using Kaltura’s client/server technologies, publishers can rapidly and cost-effectively enable a multitude of integrated solutions for a wide variety of use cases and verticals. Unlike proprietary, closed source, solutions, Kaltura’s platform is flexible, extensible, and free. For publishers, this means that they pay less and hit the market sooner. For developers, it means that they get a stable base to build upon, allowing them to spend their time and resources on true innovation.

Web publishers, Value-Added-Resellers, system integrators, and developers can use Kaltura’s open source projects on Kaltura.org to customize their own, unique, rich media experience to fit their immediate needs. Kaltura’s open source projects offer seamless integration with many popular content management systems. Those projects can then be combined with video-related, and added-value, services offered on Kaltura.com.

Moreover, Kaltura’s Client Libraries (reference/API implementation) and growing library of applications, extensions, and plug-ins all offered at the Kaltura Exchange, let publishers select off-the-shelf solutions for rapid self-serve deployments that can be fully enabled within minutes -- for free. Publishers can often choose between a free version of the solution, or leverage Kaltura’s supporting services on Kaltura.com.

So check it out, and get started with the most suitable solution for you. If you need any help, contact us, or see what others in the community have to say.