KS Protection and HTML5?

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I've been looking into a solution to establish KS protected videos, which work fine, as shown here:

The problem with that is, that it uses flashvars and therefor work only with the flashplayer and is incompatible to most mobile devices and connected TVs.

So is there a way to establish a kaltura session and let it work with a forced html5 player?

How would i get it to work with jwplayer?

I would be glad, if someone could point me to an existing topic, or a wiki.

thanks ;)

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You need to request that ks protection is added at the stream level for your account via kaltura support.

Once added you your streams can enforce KS restrictions on the playManifest level, and you would simply include the KS in the playmanifest url.

Our stand alone example include appending a ks:

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The example doesn't seem to deliver KS to the player, since it is only grabbing the list of sources.

Actually, I don't see a clear example anywhere of how to pass to the HTML5 player. flashvar[KS]=XXXX doesn't work, but I don't see where else to pass it at runtime.

Any direction would be very useful!!!