Need to add new publisher user from my php file

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I want to create a new publisher account in kaltura with my php file.
I have my partner id and all the details.
I am using php5 client libraries.

this is my code :

require_once "php5/KalturaClient.php";

define("ADMIN_SECRET", "41cbc457b7a39a485947c489fb4e1aba");
define("USER_SECRET", "e814ef925519faf497ad3aba6b61827e");

$user = "ANONYMOUS";

$kconf = new KalturaConfiguration(PARTNER_ID);
$kclient = new KalturaClient($kconf);
$ksession = $kclient->session->start(ADMIN_SECRET, $user, KalturaSessionType::ADMIN);

getting error with this on this url :

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'KalturaException' with message 'Error while starting session for partner [0]' in /home/expertsb/public_html/dev/kaltura/php5/KalturaClientBase.php:427 Stack trace: #0 /home/expertsb/public_html/dev/kaltura/php5/KalturaClient.php(2139): KalturaClientBase->throwExceptionIfError(Array) #1 /home/expertsb/public_html/dev/kaltura/index.php(20): KalturaSessionService->start('41cbc457b7a39a4...', 'ANONYMOUS', 2) #2 {main} thrown in /home/expertsb/public_html/dev/kaltura/php5/KalturaClientBase.php on line 427

Need Help!!

Expertsbrain :)