No youtube option on WP Kaltura Uploader

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Fri, 06/12/2009 - 05:29
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I see i can upload youtube within the site, and ive seen images of the uploader containing options to search youtube, however mine doesn't give that feature. This a bug?

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Unfortunately, due to the abuse of YouTube imports we have disabled this feature from our public free hosted offering. The feature is still available on the KalturaCE self-hosted platform and for paying customers on the Enterprise and Hosted editions.


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What about integrating youtube to Kaltura CE e.g. instead of metacafe? possible and how?

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no idea from the community or kaltura support?

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I was able to add youtube custom search provider to my drupal KCW (Kaltura Contribution Wizard) by adding this ...

                     <provider id="youtube" name="youtube" code="24" addsearch="false">
                                        <authMethod type="1" />
                                        <authMethod type="2" searchable="false" />

to the xml found in ../kaltura/web/content/uiconf/kaltura/drupal/

You'll see the other providers in there like this too. The code="24" does something magical that I don't quite understand, but I had to add that (like in the metacafe provider) and now it worky. Yeah...

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there are a lot of XML files in the folders. Which one will I have to edit?

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