Playlist as smart TV channel

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i would like to know if is there a mode to transform a playlist to a streaming channel. The playlist can be started in specific hour of the day and can be watched em smart tv apis, like google tv, apple tv, smarts tvs, like a common channel.


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Sent you a PM.
Waiting to hear from you.


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This subject has interested me for quite some time. I have just started researching it on the Internet and found your post to be informative. Thanks

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I, too am interested in this. Am I going down the right path with this article?

It doesnt say anything about playing automatically though.

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I am looking to do something similar to this off a Kaltura backend however rather than a playlist I am going to create a proper linear stream by adding a playout server kind of function. I have a prototype in dev so let me know if interested as if there is a bit of interest will get me going further.

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Adding it to my list. Great app!

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thanks kaltura is using it ... great
thanks again

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