Prepare your web application environment

Thu, 06/25/2009 - 12:00 — Kalturian

Direct integration with Kaltura widgets and application requires web sites to implement the following functionalities:

The following preparations are required in your web application environment

Prepare your environment for using Kaltura Client Libraries

Please download and extract Kaltura Client library at the programming language relevant to your web project. Clients downloads are available at the Downloads Page or under the project page of the specific Client Library. Make sure you extract Client library files into a location path which is accessible from your web application.

Prepare your environment for using SWFObject 2 Scripts

Kaltura recommends the use of Google’s SWFObject 2 scripts when dealing with Flash content. It makes developer's life easier by ignoring cross browser issues related to the classic Flash embed methods and adds extra features such as: Flash version detection and the option to use Adobe Express Install to download the latest Flash Player.
For the most current information on SWFObject 2, please refer to SWFObject Documentation Page.
Including SWFObject JavaScript:

Read integration guides.