This is the heart of - the Open Source Video projects.

Below you will find projects related to the Kaltura Platform, video application development, hosting, streaming, media management, video processing, etc.

The projects are either created by Kaltura and released to the community, or by other members of the amazing people that make this community.

For easy navigation the projects are divide to the following:

  • Widgets and UtilitiesClient-side programs and utilities that provide a specific solution. Category include applications such as the Kaltura Dynamic Player, Kaltura Advanced Video Editor, Simple Uploader, etc.
  • Integrated Applications – Combination of Projects (Server, Widgets...) that is customized, skinned, and combined using a specific workflow to form an application – examples include an application for Media and Remixing, application for VideoBlogging on WordPress blogs, extensions for CMS platforms like Drupal, etc.
  • Client Libraries - Native programming language code bundles to ease the integration and development of Kaltura applications, the usage of the Kaltura Platform and the extending of its functionality. Kaltura Client libraries are auto-generated from the Kaltura API through a special client library generators mechanism that can be extended to support new programming languages.
  • Server Side ApplicationsBack-end applications for Digital asset management, transcoding, Streaming and Hosting, server Video Processing and beyond. Project in this category include the Kaltura Server (KalturaCE), SWF to Video (flattening) server, etc.
  • Formats and Languages – Conceptual propositions, theoretical works or implementations of various formats and languages that involve with the processing, serving or management of media on the web and beyond.
  • Themes and Plugins – An addition or enhancement for a specific Project to extend its abilities, features or look and feel, for example a new effect or transition for the Advanced Video Editor, a module that provide ad serving abilities to the Kaltura Player Widget, etc.
  • Translations and Locales – Project's translations, an list of all available translations for the various projects.


HTML5 Video Player

Notes on Optimization mwEmbed is designed to be used with a script-loader and this static package sacrifices

Video Player & Playlist Widget

Fully featured rich-media player with collaborative and remix features and dynamic layout and skinning system.

Video & Media Uploader Widget

This is a Flash-based content ingestion uploader utility, enabling web site owners to easily create a simple media upload mechanism on their site by embedding the uploader swf and interacting through

Video Recorder Widget

Flash Video and Audio Recording and Contributing Application. Project Goals: Simplified Media Device Detection (Active Camera and Microphone).

Video & Media Import and Upload Widget (Contribution Wizard)

Fully customizable content ingestion wizard, enabling end users to upload and import media from various sources.

Advanced Video Editor (Timeline Based Editing)

Full featured video editor to create remixes from images, audio and video files based on timeline-based editing.

Standard Video Editor (Story Board Editing)

This video editor that allows users to create remixes from images, audio and video files. Easy to use UI and customizable skin and locale.

Kaltura Management Console

Full featured content management console including billing and statistics, bulk upload, partner specific settings and an application studio.

Image Editor Widget (KPaint)

KPaint is a simple paint widget that can be used to create or modify images, which are then saved on the Kaltura Network. KPaint is used in the Standard Editor as the image editing tool.


Video & Media Extension for Joomla

The Kaltura Video extension is an open source Joomla extension that handles every aspect of video and rich-media, including content management, syndication, monetization, transcoding, uploading and im

BuddyPress-Media Kaltura Addon

You can use Kaltura addon to integrate video uploading and encoding capabilities for your BuddyPress users. Kaltua-Addon can be used with, Kaltura-CE or Kaltura-On-Prem edition.

Video & Media integration for Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

The goal of this project is to enable videos to be edited within a Tiki page, similar to the text, by multiple collaborators.

Video & Media Plugin for Alfresco

Introduction The goal of this project is to develop integration between the Open Source Alfresco CMS and the Kaltura Platform.

Video & Media Plugin for Moodle

Kaltura Moodle plugin brings Kaltura to the teaching environment, enabling the use of video and rich-media in education. The extension allows Teachers and Admins to:

Video & Media Remix Site Template (YouTube Clone + Video Editor)

A full remix site implementation that can be used for interactive ad campaigns and landing pages, or as basic small video site implementation.

Video & Media for WordPress (All in One Video Pack)

This is not just another video embed tool - it includes every functionality you might need for video and rich-media, including the ability to upload/ record/import videos directly to your post, edit a

Video & Media Module for Drupal

Kaltura's All in One Video Module for Drupal makes it easy to add the robust capabilities of Kaltura's open source video platform to any Drupal site.

Video & Media Plugin for Elgg

The Kaltura Elgg Plugin is an addon to power the Elgg social engine with interactive video and rich-media capabilities.

Server Side

HD Cloud Plugin - Video Conversion & Encoding on the Cloud

The purpose of this plugin is to integrate HD Cloud's cloud-based video transcoding service into the Kaltura Platform.

Kaltura Community Edition (CE) - Self Hosted Online Video Platform

Kaltura is the Open Source Video Operating System, it enables developers to build video experiences that transforms the way people entertain, work, and learn.