Kaltura Management Console

Full featured content management console including billing and statistics, bulk upload, partner specific settings and an application studio.

To try the the KMC and it's various modules, sign-up for a free (up to 10GB) Kaltura Hosted demo account.

Media Management and Workflow

Full media management tool where publishers organize and track their online video system, functions and rich-media content.

  • Batch upload – upload bulk media to your account, migrate content from existing repositories, including VideoEgg and Eyespot.
  • Content management – create hidden taxonomy supporting multiple “admin tags” for each content item. Allows slicing and dicing of the content, showing only the most relevant content in each page, playlist or gallery..
  • Moderate content and activation control – approve or reject user-submitted content, includes fast-forward viewing. Includes the ability to control activation or non-activation of specific videos.
  • Playlist creation - manual and smart-logic – create compelling playlists, either admin created, or tag based, most viewed, highest rated content and other dynamic criteria.
  • Thumbnail creation and image capture - generate thumbnails from videos, associate videos with specific images, and include images as metadata for videos.
  • Track viewer behavior – visibility into what content users like, what actions they take, and tracking user-generated content.
  • Admin user moderation – create or delete user profiles and content on an individual or batch basis.
  • Review flagged content – review and take action on user-flagged content.
  • Permissioning – control which users and administrators can upload videos to different pages and upload, edit, or share content.
  • Support for third-party moderation – system supports moderation by a third-party provider (in the case of a professional services provider that may provide a value-added service to client).
  • CMS integration - integrate your existing website CMS with the Kaltura Management Console and consolidate your overall site and content management.
  • Player publishing - easily embed players into any page via HTML code snippets or deeper integration methods.

Widget & Application Studio

Kaltura’s application studio enables publishers to configure their player, uploader/importer, editor, and other widgets supported by Kaltura’s platform.

  • Player design - design your player skin - select the size, color, fonts, etc.
  • Player branding - include your logo on the player as a watermark.
  • Player functionality and added features - decide what buttons to display on the player, and what features to enable as part of playback (e.g subtitles, sharing, etc.)
  • Player templates - select pre-defined player templates, or create your own. Set specific buttons and features to be included by default in all players.
  • Component integration - integrate 3rd-party applications and features into players.
  • Uploader content configuration - decide which types of content (video, audio, images) may be uploaded or imported, and which sources may be searched for content import (Flickr, YouTube...)
  • Uploader design - design the skin and graphics of the uploader wizard.
  • Video editor configuration - customize the skin and graphics of the online video editor, and enable/disable various features (such as the ability to add external content while editing, add a soundtrack, add custom transitions, etc.)

Get Project Source Code

You may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP:
svn checkout http://www.kaltura.org/kalorg/kmc
Maintainers may also commit using their site user name and password [remind]

For more about using Subversion, see Client programs and plugins and the SVN online Book.