BuddyPress-Media Kaltura Addon

You can use Kaltura addon to integrate video uploading and encoding capabilities for your BuddyPress users.

Kaltua-Addon can be used with Kaltura.com, Kaltura-CE or Kaltura-On-Prem edition.

Kaltura-Addon has some special features which are provided for greater satisfaction of Kaltura users.

  • Videos are stored and served from Kaltura platform
  • Kaltura-Addon uses Kaltura's own feature-rich video-player
  • Video playback is supported on mobile devices

BuddyPress-Media platform provides following features:

  • Support for Photos, Videos & Audio Media Types. Any of these can be enabled/disabled.
  • Media integration with BuddyPress User Profiles and/or Groups. Admin can control this.
  • Albums to group photos, videos, audios.
  • Integration with BuddyPress activities.
  • Support for comments.
  • HTML5 player/uploader with flash fallback.
  • Privacy Controls

Features that we are working on:

  • Tagging
  • Rating

This project is actively developed & maintained by rtCamp*. rtCamp is WordPress services' company with its root in one of India's oldest blog-network. rtCamp has contributed to many free & open-source project on wordpress.org and Github.

BuddyPress-Media Kaltura

BuddyPress-Media-Side Settings for Kaltura

Get Project Source Code

You may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP:
svn checkout http://www.kaltura.org/kalorg/buddypress-kaltura
Maintainers may also commit using their site user name and password [remind]

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