Video Player & Playlist Widget

Fully featured rich-media player with collaborative and remix features and dynamic layout and skinning system.

Kaltura Dynamic Player (KDP) + Playlist Widget - Demo Picture

The Kaltura Dynamic Player (aka KDP) is a highly flexible media player allowing any developer to create his own skinned version which may include different sets of components. The KDP enables easy integration of 3rd party Flash components.

The KDP can be configured using an xml configuration file. The configuration file defines the graphical layout and functionality of the different parts of the player. Different instances of the KDP may use different components such as the accreditation component, rating component, different progress bars, etc.

Extra data may be passed to the KDP through flashvars in order to propagate it to all of the widgets embedded from the current instance (e.g. a link to the original page containing the widget).

Playlist Widget
Publishers display content as a playlist using Kaltura’s playlist widget. Playlists can be admin created (manual) or dynamically created, according to tags and other criteria using rules.

Publishers can easily create playlists of most viewed videos, highest rated videos, etc. They can also define a playlist for a specific subject (for example, Lionel Messi’s goals) which will display the top content from the publisher’s site, and/or from the Kaltura Network.

Kaltura’s playlist module supports open formats such as media RSS (MRSS) enabling access to thousands of free video feeds available on the web.

KDP 3.x

KDP 3 is a Flash based media player application that utilizes Adobe OSMF, PureMVC and Yahoo ASTRA ui components to enable creation of pluggable, robust and easy to design media players.

Version 3 also enable xml based layout engine and FLA based skinning mechanism.

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