Video & Media Module for Drupal

Kaltura's All in One Video Module for Drupal makes it easy to add the robust capabilities of Kaltura's open source video platform to any Drupal site.

The Module handles every aspect of video and rich-media functionalities, including transcoding, uploading and importing content, user management and permissions, hosting and streaming on Kaltura’s servers, and even collaborative editing and remixing of content – it’s simple to install, use and customize, and Kaltura covers all hosting and streaming costs for FREE up to 10GB.

The module was developed specifically for Drupal, and integrates with other features and modules, such as CCK, cron, metadata and taxonomy features.

Highlights include:

  • Upload video in any format – upload from your computer or record from webcam - videos will be transcoded to FLV format by the Kaltura system
  • Easy import of videos , images and audio files from MySpace, Flickr and more
  • Content hosted by Kaltura and streamed from Kaltura’s CDN - to assure quality of service, and minimize the burden on you
  • All metadata to be stored locally - each media file is created as a Drupal Video Node
  • CCK Field representation of rich media - add rich media to existing content types
  • Full integration with Drupal Views - including predefined views
  • Video Comments - allowing users to add video comments on any page
  • Statistics collection – number of plays for each video collected and updated on the video node
  • Built-in online video editor - supports trimming videos, transitions, effects, soundtracks, remixing, reordering clips, overlays and collaborative editing
  • Drupal permissions integration – allows the administrator to decide who can view and who can edit content
  • Drupal tags integration – metadata and tags from the Kaltura system are automatically included in the Drupal tags, and vice versa
  • Drupal 6 and Drupal 5 compatible versions available


Learn more and see a sample of what it looks like on our Drupal site:

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