Unable to view iPad flavour of video in Phillipines

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I'm based in the UK and developing an application which connects to Kaltura - our QA agent in the Phillipines has been testing the Flash-based version of our application for a while now with no problems.

We're currently testing the HTML5 version of our application which uses the iPad flavour generated by Kaltura. This has been working just fine here in the UK while i've been developing it. But it seems our QA person can't see the video playing when viewing from the Phillipines.

Right now i'm just using the video tag with the url generated to hit the iPad flavour - i'm not using the Kaltura javascript for rewriting the video tag.

She can see the poster of the video on an iPad but when pressing play nothing happens - waiting for several minutes to make sure there's no buffering going on doesn't yield anything - it just refuses to play - yet plays fine in the UK

i've check the access control for the video and it's set to the default - allowing access from ANY country/domain etc.

can anyone suggest anything that might point me in the right direction here?

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I would try disabling adaptive streaming ( on a select page ) and seeing if that changes things for the 3rd party test.