What do i need to enable Commercial Transcoder? for HD videos?

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Fri, 02/26/2010 - 20:14
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i have installed a test Kaltura CE 1.5 on Ubuntu x86 9.10 with XAMPP 1.71, all work fine and standard videos convert fine, what is required for the Commercial Transcoder to be enabled? and what is the Commercial Transcoder?



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Commercial transcoding is enable only on SaaS and Enterprise editions as it require additional licenses for the commercial transcoding engines like on2.

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What is the best free or open-source Transcoder available? Or what is the most affordable Transcoder as of now?
Is On2 VP6 available to use for free?

I operate a site w/ 10,000+ video views per day and don't know if I can afford a good Transcoder. My current bandwidth expense is under $1000/month.

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Maybe you'll find a free one here http://bytesland.com/transcoder . Here there are lots of torrents and I'm sure you'll find what you need.

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Can anyone recommend a good site to learn the difference between vp6, h.264, ffmpeg, etc...? I've been reading a lot of wikipedia, but still a little lost at what is what.

Is FFMPEG a package of codecs or is it a codec by itself? Is it a package of software that includes VP6 and/or h.264? If it's open source, does it mean that I can use all of the codecs included within that software bundle, including h.264, free?

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Thanks Matt!

So if I use FFMPEG to create FLV files, I still need to pay royalty fees to On2?
If so, is there a codec we can use without paying royalty fees (besides h.264)?

Yes, H.264 is now free!! :)
"On February 2, 2010 MPEG LA announced that H.264-encoded Internet Video that is free to end users would continue to be exempt from royalty fees until at least December 31, 2015. [11] However, other fees remain in place. The license terms are updated in 5-year blocks."
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H.264/MPEG-4_AVC

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Putting in motion or installing Kaltura CE 1.5 on Ubuntu x86 9.10 with XAMPP 1.71 may seem like a big deal at first, but when you get the most basics issues right, it gets easier and easier with time. blog

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Google now plans to Open-source On2 VP8!

Check this out!


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Installing Kaltura CE 1.5 on Ubuntu x86 9.10 with XAMPP 1.71, is pretty easy and it all works nice. As for the standard videos convert that is also pretty impressive. Requirements for the Commercial Transcoder can be asked in the forum. Arsenal plus one blog and messi infoslurp

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