why can my Ipad safari browser see Youtube videos, but not other sites with Flash ?

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I have my Ipad and my desktop pc internet explorer.

In my Pc I can see youtube flash video.

But all tell me that Ipad can't see flash files

but when I open the youtube site in the Ipad safari web browser,
I can see the youtube videos.

Why ?

Have the Ipad safari web browser a Youtube plugin ?
or have youtube a code to solve this problem

Hope anybody can tell me something about the technology

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Hey all, i also have this problem on my i pad , when i use youtube in my i pad safari i cant see vidoes i dnt know hwy many time i installed it an re installed but the problem could not fixed , if anyone knows the solution plzzz share it
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Youtube has a HTML5 fallback: http://www.youtube.com/html5 which probably takes over on iPad.